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I have worked with Katy on a couple of occasions, when applying for jobs or preparing for interviews. Katy worked with me, face to face to extrapolate my ‘success stories’, and to focus my mind on how to articulate my career and experience in interviews and written applications. She was very supportive and encouraging, making what was initially an intimidating process extremely positive. Katy was then extremely helpful giving direct feedback on job applications and my CV, keeping in touch with me via email to support the process of getting a job. 
I would recommend Katy to anyone who is either looking at developing their career, changing jobs, or just focussing themselves to be able to ensure they are getting the best out of their current role or organisation.

 Joanna, East Midlands, UK

​Katy has proved to be an amazing adviser who listens and picks out the important details. With her help, I've got a new fantastic CV and can demonstrate skills that I have but didn’t know how to explain. I would recommend Katy to anyone who is looking for a new job or career change.

Jane, East Midlands, UK

 Katy helped me prepare my CV and supporting statement recently.  After talking to her about my qualifications and experiences she efficiently formatted my documents and this got me noticed within my work place.  I was amazed how by tweaking the wording (and waffle) my application  was instantly at another level.  My confidence also increased after speaking to her as I felt ready to answer any questions the interview panel asked me as no stone is left unturned in her questioning. The experience and service has been exceptional and I would recommend for anyone to use Katy. It has been a valuable investment for taking my career to the next step.

Cara, NorthWest, UK


Katy helped me to succeed in obtaining two job offers! Katy helped me talk through my current job and CV and then highlighted the relevant areas of my current job that I hadn’t considered.

Katy gave me pre interview questions and focused my mind on the likely questions based on the job description and Person Spec.  This allowed me to be focused in my interview and highlight specific examples to demonstrate the skills and experiences I needed for the role.

Katy helped with interview techniques that I was able to use. Katy gave me practice interview questions and then reflected back to me afterwards what she had actually heard me say. This allowed me to ensure that in the interview I didn’t waffle but was focused and well considered!

I am sure that without Katy’s focused challenge and style of constructive questioning prior to my interview I would not have been successful in being offered the promotion.  Katy not only allowed me to have the confidence to say what I have already achieved and what skills and experiences I would bring to the role in the interview, but she also ensured that I had the right examples to demonstrate this effectively.

I would recommend Katy’s coaching style to anyone looking for a promotion or a change of role!

Anna, West Midlands, UK

Katy helped me write my resumé ready for the German market. I found her through a German Expat Website and she helped me immediately understand where I was going wrong. She challenged me to think wider than my own limitations and I got a new job very quickly in Munich! I couldn't have done it with out her. I have recommended her to my friends!                                                            

                                                                                                                                                   Corey, Dusseldorf, Germany

Katy helped me write my CV and practise for the interview when I was at the threat of being made redundant at work. She told me honestly about my strengths and weaknesses in an interview setting. I was very well prepared for the interview. The feedback was excellent. I would recommend Katy to others, especially at those stressful times. 

                                                                                                                                                       Neil, West Midlands, UK

After being off the workforce for three years due to my trailing spouse status, a very interesting job opportunity arose.  Not knowing where to start with an outdated resumé and little confidence in my capacities following such a long pause, I asked Mrs Kennedy for a consultation.  I was very pleased with her capacity to quickly analyze my recent experiences and turned them into work skills in a way I hadn't initially thought.  Her knowledge of what today's employers are looking for in a global labor pool reality was also very insightful.  After only one meeting I had recovered some of my lost determination and left with a clear idea of how I should proceed to make this reintegration a successful one.  I highly recommend Katy services and would suggest that this type of exercise should be done rather sooner than later...  As an expat you never know when changes or opportunities might emerge and it is better to be prepared!

MC, Dusseldorf, Germany 

I was fortunate enough to be a delegate on a course co-delivered by Katy, for partners of ex-pat professionals working in Düsseldorf. The course offered opportunities to revisit and redefine personal and professional goals and aspirations, establish a network and rebuild confidence in a foreign country and labour market; ultimately enabling individuals to review and re-establish career paths.

I found Katy to be clear, concise, energetic (and crucial in a learning environment) empathetic to individual learning needs. Katy is friendly and intuitive to the concerns and needs of her delegates. She establishes and encourages a collaborative approach to training and learning that empowered me, personally. 
I benefited enormously from the 6 week course which enabled me to construct a 12 month personal development plan.

I continue to value being part of a network that supports me personally and professionally here in Düsseldorf; one that is so proactively spearheaded by Katy.

Allie, Dusseldorf, Germany