kennedy Executive


Executive Coaching is some times called Business Coaching or Leadership Coaching or even Corporate Coaching. 

Coaching is about listening to your ideas, helping you set goals for yourself or your business and giving you the tools or ideas to get over any issues or problems. 

​You will be challenged to think differently. Challenged to dream big. Challenged to achieve you and your business' potential.

I have worked with many Executives for SMEs who have needed coaching for their own development as part of their management team. 

I work with whole teams to help them achieve their potential as a group and for their business. I have offered some examples below of where I can help, but these are tailor made experiences.

​Team Building - one off sessions or multi events. These can be designed around a new team, or a new problem. They can last for an hour or a whole day. 

I have organised and run events for 200 people through to 8 people. They are all unique!

Strategic Work - 5 year Strategic plan to be created, reviewed and agreed by the Management Team. 
This forward looking review for the business including financial, recruitment and operational milestones. 
To be completed in conjunction with the whole Board over several sessions and one to one groups. 

People Piece - Create a People Plan to cover the Strategic Review. To include the recruitment plan, review terms and conditions of new recruits, the values of the organisation and other "softer" milestones for the company. 

People plans normally consist of a few main parts: 

Succession plans - are you managing the talent in the organisation? How?
Recruitment - clear job descriptions for staff; methods for recruitment especially the advisors; timescales for recruitment - linked to business growth predictions.
Company Values - probably comes from the strategy piece - who are you as a company?
Remuneration - salaries, terms and conditions for employees and other incentives. Pensions, Bonuses etc.
Training - review training - does training work? How do you train? Predict your training needs for the future including operational continuous development or leadership training.

Risk Piece -  A risk plan to cover more basic risks across normal SME companies and specific financial services operational risks. Risk management to be reviewed. 

Performance Piece - Review and implement better MI. Use the MI to run the business and the Board. Create KPIs that are meaningful and relevant to run the business. Make the MI easy to digest and therefore decision making is faster.