kennedy Executive


Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.


How it works

I tailor my approach to your requirements but typically you and I will work through the following stages to define outcomes, develop relationships and over a 6 month period, deliver required results.

Scoping and Chemistry Meeting

An initial introductory free phone call to agree context and to ensure a good personal match between you and I.

  1. ​​You can make sure I know what you want and that we will work well together. I can make sure that you have the commitment and determination to make the big positive change in your career. 

In Depth Briefing

​This is to ensure I have detailed knowledge of your background, your prior roles, your current career thinking, your strengths and your goals. T​his can be face to face; skype or telephone in order to:

○  Formulate a clear and complete picture of you, your strengths, challenges, and issues as well as goals and aspirations, motivations and values.

○  Agree an action plan for you and I to work together on, to help deliver success.

○  Deliver some early results.

Career Coaching

​Depending on your needs, I will break the next phase into 3 main areas. You can use all the services or just part. These can be face to face or via Skype. 

1. Identify what, where and whom you should f​urther target ​as​ your next role.​ This should be based on your goals, strengths and aspirations.

Discuss current and past experiences in the context of aspirational roles. Review your current professional and personal networks. Create an action plan.

I would thoroughly recommend Katy. The ultimate compliment being, I have helped others using the skills she taught me.

2. Help e​nhance your CV ​based on your experiences and strengths with reference to the industry or country you are applying within.

We will discuss your abilities and experiences. Discuss examples of where you have demonstrated key strengths for the industry or roles. Discuss things you are particularly proud of. Review your current CV and compare your discussed achievements versus your CV. I will adapt and modify the CV and return to you with discussion on what the changes are and why.

The change in my CV was amazing! I applied for the same role again after being disappointed and this time instantly got an interview. Katy took all the things I was proud of and weaved them into my CV. I re­read it and I recognised myself but it was the best version of me.

3. My method, refined with 10 years experience, ensures you will be Interview Ready. ​It is typically a one day retreat on a strictly 1:1 basis but can be adapted to suit the role. 

We would practise typical interview questions, styles of questions and styles of answers. If you have an interview, the questions can be more tailored to the industry and role profile.

You would receive immediate feedback on your physical presence, body language, content of your answers and impact of your answers.

For assessment centres, presentations and role playing can be adapted into the session.

Katy gave me the confidence boost I needed to go into the interview. We practised answering questions and she gave me immediate feedback. I learnt how I come across in interviews and understood how I can use my strengths to show the interviewer what I could do for them.

After care

O​nce in a new role, the relationship can continue as a sounding board. I offer First 30 Day Preparation Sessions, New Team Building sessions and other coaching services. These can be arranged as needed.