I am an experienced Operational Manager, with a background in business transformation, growth and culture change. I have previously run 24 hour large operational teams; been Head of Operations running 5 laboratories for the public sector Environment Agency; Programme Managed large change projects and even been part of Emergency Incident Command Centres.  

Along the way, I realised I loved talking to people about their aspirations, their life dreams and career goals. This common thread in each of my roles kept coming back. I love people realising their potential. 

When I realised my true passion was to inspire and help people fulfil their potential, I set up Kennedy Career Coaching - to help other people in transformational moments in their lives. 

‚ÄčI have two boys (aged 11 and 9) who have been an amazing, frustrating and wonderful influence on my life and career.

We moved to Dusseldorf in April 2015 as it was a life long dream to live and work abroad. I understand the international experience and have first hand knowledge of the big transformational moves in one's life.

We own a campervan and are currently trying to go to as many European Countries as possible in our free time. I also run the local school rugby club and coach the U10 rugby team.

kennedy Executive


About Me- Katy Kennedy

I am a certified, Executive Coach specialising in working with middle managers seeking advancement in their careers and SME Executives wanting some help with their businesses.

I have been training and working as an independent coach since April 2015 but my coaching experience spans a further 11 years. I have been developing my executive coaching individual style since 2004 in both private and public sector UK organisations and then with private clients. My coaching spans a broad range of sectors including SME, charities, public sector and FTSE 100 companies.